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The Bharathiar University was established at Coimbatore by the Government of Tamilnadu in February, 1982 under the provision of the Bharathiar University Act, 1981 (Act 1 of 1982). The Postgraduate Centre of the University of Madras, which was functioning in Coimbatore before 1982 formed the core of the Bharathiar University. In May, 1985 the University received the recognition from University Grants Commission (UGC) New Delhi for the purpose of grants.

The University named after the great national poet Subramania Bharathi is enshrined with the motto “Educate to Elevate”. In the University, every effort is harnessed to realize his dream of making educational institutions as temple of learning. It is the aim of the University to participate in the task of inculcating necessary Knowledge, Skills and Creative Attitudes and values among the youth of the country to contribute more effectively towards establishing an equitable social and economic and secular ideal of our nat

Mission and Vission

The University's mission is


To be innovative, inclusive and international University ; committedto excellence in teaching, research and knowledge transfer and to serve the social, cultural and economic needs of the nation".
To innovate and offer educational programmes in various disciplines with synergistic interaction with the industry and society.
To impart knowledge and skills to students equipping them to be ready to face the emerging challenges to the knowledge area.
To provide equal opportunity to women students and prepare them to be equal partners in meeting the scientific and technological demands of the nation.
To contribute to the advancement to knowledge through applied research leading to newer products and process.
To prepare the students to work for societal transformation with commitment to justice and equality.
To inculcate among students a global vision with skills of international competence.
The University is situated at the backdrop of Maruthamalai Hills in the Western Ghat range, in a sprawling campus of 1000 acres of land. 15 kms. from the City of Coimbatore. As of now the University has 119 affiliated colleges, 81 Arts and Science Colleges, 30 are Colleges of Education, 7 Management institutions and 1 Air Force Administration College. In addition, there are 19 Research Institutes of the State and Central Governments, which are recognized by this University for research purpose. And all these institutions cater to the educational needs of more than 1,50,000 students and research scholars
Our vision is to provide Internationally comparable quality higher education to the youth. The aim is not only focused on imparting subject knowledge and skills, but also to mould the students with better conduct and character committed to the societal needs and national development. Enshrined with the motto “Educate to Elevate”. The University strives to realize the vision of India and excel in promoting and protecting the rich heritage of our past and secular ideals of the nation.

VC’s Message


My Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, Friends and Well wishers!

It gives me immense pleasure to greet each and every one of you as the Vice Chancellor of Bharaithiar University, which undoubtedly is one of the Best Universities in the Country. I am proud that our University is standing tall and steadfast in its commitment to provide Qualitative Education for the Students. Bharathiar University is renowned for its Environmentally friendly Campus with a well equipped Infrastructure, Outstanding Faculty with Experience, Valuable Research and Academic Programs, and Dedicated Staff.


I wish to record my deep sense of appreciations to all the Departments and to their Staff for their remarkable accomplishments. It is worth placing on record that the Officers and Staff of the University are working untiringly towards taking the University to greater heights in the field of History of Higher Education in the Country.

As the Vice Chancellor of this University, I wish to pledge my sincere and truthful, dedicated and planned hard work in leading this Institution with a spirit of rejuvenation and enthusiasm with the interface of Team Work. In this regard, I must state here that all my energy and experience in the field of Higher Education will go towards the Development of the University with Vision and Compassion.

The Indian Education System is not only the largest system in the World, but more importantly it is even the oldest educational system this World has produced, which encompasses the transfer of knowledge with values that will dignify the very existence of human beings in the Society. History and Culture will testify the central place that Education occupies in the Society in India. Today in the modern Post Liberalization era Indian Education has to recon itself with modernity and adaptability with Scientific and Technological Development. I am happy that the Bharathiar University at present is implementing numerous programs with premier institutions in India which includes the Defence Research and Developmental Organization DRDO.

It is my earnest wish that Our University must Tie-up with Internationally Renowned Universities and Institutions which will ensure that we are accessible with the Cutting Edge Technology in its recent forms. The University will need to examine the way to put a Technology Interface Network in the Country which can usher greater transfer of Technological Components into the Society. Concerted efforts will be taken to facilitate advancement of Research activities in the University in multifarious disciplines. Our University is on the path of expansion, in terms of adding new Infrastructure and Systems, for which we will take all efforts to tap resources from National, International and Corporate Sources. The University will be a dynamic place with The University’s Motto “Educate to Elevate” will be a guiding light in our pursuit to provide Qualitative Higher Education to the Students, who can be a catalyst to greater Social Change.

As the Vice Chancellor I will strive to amalgamate the various resources and systems of the University to ensure that our University will focus on 3 E’s – Enrichment, Enlightenment and Employment.

Let us stand up to the cause of facing the challenge and work unitedly for making Bharathiar University a “Brand of Universal Quality”.

Best Regards
Dr. G. Thiruvasagam
Vice Chancellor.
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